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Kimmie vs Natasha: Red vs Blond

Sexy blond Natasha makes another visit to the BaeFight Arena saying she’s sort of figured it out and that she vows to not quit. I mean if you don’t quit, you can’t lose, right? Enter red head Kimmie and she sees an easy victory over a new bae. Kimmie takes advantage and dominates the blond. Natasha though is true to her word and despite taking a brutal beating, refuses to surrender. Just when we think she can take no more, Kimmie lets her guard down and is met with a low blow that completely changes the fight. Now it’s the blond who takes over; and is she ever mad. The rest of the way, it’s Kimmie who is dominated–scissored, doggie walked, punched, kicked, stomped, pinned, pulled, and twisted. During a brutal back-breaker, the red head spits out her surrender and must admit it’s the new blond who is the better woman.


20 Minutes


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