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Kimmie Haze vs Violet Rose: The Information

Violet Rose, wearing a sexy jungle print bikini, is protecting the highly coveted Information as she assures her bosses that it’s safe with her when she hears a noise out back. There she finds Kimmie who is obviously there to steal it. The red head attacks and uses her heavy boots to stomp the brunette’s bare feet and toes. Violet is able to flee inside and certainly won’t give up the Information without a fight. The two lovelies go at it and fight for all they’re worth however Kimmie is wearing those boots and she constantly targets Violet Rose’s toes with stomps. Eventually she is worn down and cannot even stand. That’s Kimmie’s cue to go crazy with stomps. After a long ordeal, Violet has no choice but to turn over the Information.


23 Minutes


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