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Kimmie Haze vs Violet Rose: Punching Bag

Super sexy Violet Rose is in a bikini and tells us she has a submission match with Kimmie Haze. As she enters the BaeFight Arena, she finds Kimmie knocked out and tied to the banister. Kimmie asks for help but the brunette just says it looks like an easy match as she begins punching the bound beauty. Kimmie quickly surrenders and as she unties her, Violet Rose gloats about her easy victory. Kimmie comments that it wasn’t really fair. Taking exception to that, the petit bae tells her that she’s now become her “punching bag” for the day. From there she cruelly punches, stomps, and kicks the helpless bae. She also targets her stomach, poking her belly button and using the Claw to torment Kimmie. Violet Rose even adds in a couple bearhugs before finally tiring of the beating, leaving Kimmie writhing the floor.


20 Minutes


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