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Kimmie Haze vs Kody Evans: The Disk

Bikini clad Kody Evans is protecting an important disk when she hears something out by the pool. She hides the disk and goes out to find Kimmie Haze lurking. The red head quickly demands Kody hand over the treasure. Kody declines and Kimmie tells the blond that she’s going to break her toes if she doesn’t give it up. Unfortunately Kimmie is prepared, wearing heavy combat boots. She stomps away at Kody’s bare feet. The fight spills inside and Kody fights back hard but each time she seems to be taking control, Kimmie is able to grab her hurting feet and toes. Eventually Kody can’t stand and Kimmie stomps away like crazy. The question is, will broken toes be enough for her to surrender the disk?


18 Minutes


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