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Jessica vs Britney: Sorority Fight II


A few weeks after Britney won the amazing fight to banish Jessica from the sorority, the tall brunette finds out the sexy blond has texted her boyfriend. Even though Jessica is set to transfer to a new school after exams, Britney cannot let this stand.

In a rage, she arrives to Jessica’s place and proceeds to destroy the shocked and horrified blond. Jessica has no chance and puts up no fight, hoping her pleading and crying will stop her hated former sorority sister. It does not as Britney delights in hurting the petite blond and for awhile, it looks like she will never stop. But finally Jessica is left in a broken, sobbing heap.

We worked with a customer to produce this, our first custom, while keeping it in the story-line. If you like one sided beat downs, this is for you. Jessica is fast becoming one of the best victims in the business.




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