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Mandy vs Lex: I’ll Never Surrender

Awhile ago we had asked a sexy model named Lex to come work with us at BaeFight. As many models do, she politely declined. Thus we were surprised when she contacted us, telling us she will join us on one condition, she gets to fight Mandy. It seems these two have quite a history and Lex will do anything to get her hands on the blond, who had only recently joined us herself. To raise the stakes further, both baes put up $1,000 and combine that with the prize money. Though Lex is smaller than Mandy, she fights hard and is willing to take a beating if it means she will prevail in the end. It is a wild and long bikini fight with both models enjoying time on top but eventually one of them is forced to surrender to her hated enemy.


28 Minutes


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