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Honey vs MJ: You Wanted to Fight Me

Newcomer MJ has requested to have her first match against Honey. The blond rookie has seen some of her recent fights and figures she’ll have an easy time with her. While it’s a good idea to get off to a winning start, that can be seen as an insult by your opponent. Certainly the dark model takes it that way and is determined to spoil MJ’s debut. Both are in sexy bikinis and they go right at it, submitting each other to painful moves and holds as well as stomps and punches. Some moves you’ll see include camel clutches, chokes, scissors, hammerlocks, leg locks, pins, and breast smoothers. The latter is the one that ends it, but is it the rookie or the veteran who taps and says, “I give up, I give up. You win.”


18 Minutes


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