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Gia vs Violet Rose and Amber: You Need Help

We pick up the action with Queen Gia Love on top of the much smaller Amber, destroying her stomach with punches. As the blond submits, Gia poses after what seemed to be an easy win but is started when Violet Rose enters the BaeFight Arena and attacks her. As one would expect, Gia quickly took control of the smaller bae but doesn’t notice the recovered Amber approaching from behind. Quickly the cheerleader grabs Gia’s arms and Violet Rose drills her in the stomach. From there is a total beatdown as the two sexy, petit baes take turns holding and punching the bigger, tougher bae in the belly. The two are loving it as the continue to fire away adding in some kicks and stomps. This is a total two vs one beatdown as Gia never has her arms free and is basically a punching bag being posed on and over at the end.


18 Minutes


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