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Gia vs Dalvina: Competitive

This is sexy Dalvina’s second ever competitive match and it’s a massive step up in class. Queen Gia has the size and experience advantage and she is able to dominate the smaller bae. However, what is so impressive about Dalvina is that she doesn’t quit, she fights hard the whole time. These two go at it for five, three minute rounds trying to use pins, breast smothers, and scissors to win falls. Not once in that time does Dalvina stop trying. This film has interviews both before and after the match as well as a “punishment” round where Gia puts Dalvina into a couple intricate wrestling moves, including a Torture Rack. Dalvina tells us in the interview that she has signed up for jiu-jitsu classes and so we can look forward to her improving and doing more and more of these competitive matches. Her future is bright!


23 Minutes


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