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Eden vs Tyler Lynn: Knee Taps

This film comes in two parts, both featuring these super sexy baes in one piece suites and targeting one another’s legs. The first part opens with our newest bae, Tyler Lynn, in total control of Eden as she applies a painful leglock. She spends the next number of minutes destroying Eden’s knee, causing her to tap out multiple times. In the second part, the roles are reversed and it’s the sexy Latina going after the fashion model’s beautiful legs. Figure Fours and calf stretches are applied. Eden uses the banister and even slams her legs in the door before tiring of Tyler Lynn’s cries. To stop the noise she removes one of her knee high socks and uses it as a gag to shoosh the blond. If you’re a fan of beautiful baes and their lags, this is a can’t miss film!


20 Minutes


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