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Eden vs Tyler Lynn: Another Fake Model

Fitness model Eden is in the BaeFight Arena when she’s confronted by Tyler Lynn who has make quite a name for herself since joining BaeFight. The blond has been calling all the other baes “Fake models” saying she’s a real model and “not a slutty Insta model.” This obviously doesn’t sit well with our baes but Tyler Lynn has backed up her words more often than not. Here she insults Eden’s small bikini. Eden isn’t one to take that and she attacks and somewhat surprisingly dominates the fashion model. She shortly strips Tyler Lynn of her shirt and shorts. The dominate Latina often poses to strike poses over the prone blond. She stretches, bends, pulls, scissors, pins and more to the hurting blond. But she is a bit to cocky and during one pose, the blond recovers enough and is able to take over the fight. Now it’s her turn to make Eden suffer. In the end she strikes her own pose before leaving the Latina writhing in pain on the floor as she triumphantly walks out.


20 Minutes


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