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Eden vs Paris: Learned My Lesson

Eden is in the midst of a modeling session, showing off her amazing body in sexy bikini when Paris barges in and accused Eden of trying to seduce her man. At first Eden tries to deny it but Paris isn’t having any of it. Soon enough Eden acknowledges more of a relationship than Paris thought. That was a mistake as Paris just goes to town on her. She pins the Latina beauty down, sits on her, squishing the helpless beauty. There is a lot of trash talk but the action is all Paris. She walks Eden around the room on all fours, squeezes her head in a vice-like grip, and scissors her. Then she doggie walks the Latina up to the bedroom where she continues on the bed! Eden is completely dominated until Paris decides she’s dished out enough punishment, leaving the model contemplating her life lessons while writhing on the bed. While a beatdown, this is a little lighter than some of Paris’ other films, per the custom request.


20 Minutes


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