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Eden vs Paris: He’s My Client

It’s amazing that with as much as Eden and Paris have shot with us as well as other companies that they had never met before. Unfortunately their first meeting comes when they realize they are both trying to book the same client. Their conversation escalates as Paris uses her size to try to bully the sexy Latina but Eden isn’t afraid of anyone and the fight is on. It’s a battle of strength vs technique as both baes are in sexy bikinis. It’s hard to classify this wild fight as there are a number of wrestling moves as well as belly punches and crotch stomps. One even loses her top. Both pull out all the stops to hurt the other and win the client. This amazing first meeting of two legends contains an Alternate Ending so you’ll see both dominate as well as end up laid out on the floor (or actually tied to the banister as one is.)


23 Minutes


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