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Dalvina vs Violet Rose: Study Partners

Two sexy college friends are studying one evening when out of the blue one says “I think I can beat you up.” The other takes the challenge and the two begin to wrestle around in a fun, friendly way, starting with a test of strength. Shortly after overpowering her friend, one pins the other and refuses to let her up as she taunts, teases, and basically exerts her dominance. Once up, the other bae insults her which is met with a slap. After that, the fight is on. Soon shirts are off as these unskilled baes go at it. There’s a lot of rolling, catball, hairpulling, scissors, and various types of smothering. They punch and pin one another down until one, exhausted, just can’t get the other off her and submits as the victor poses triumphantly over her.


19 Minutes


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