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Amber vs Natasha: I Win Everything

Sexy blond model Natasha makes her BaeFight debut. She tells us she’s never been in a fight before and thinks this will be fun. She’s sure she’ll win because she has a charmed life and just wins at everything she does. She asks to fight another blond just because she doesn’t like them. Her opponent is Amber and this will be the first time she’s fought anyone other than her sworn enemy Violet Rose. She feels that not only will this be good practice and experience but it will allow her to work on being meaner, something she believes has cost her in fights with Violet Rose.

Without going into many details, let’s just say Natasha had no idea what she was getting into. Even though Amber is a good bit smaller, she’s an athlete and she totally destroys the cocky blond. Poor Natasha is reduced to a crying, begging mess, totally regretting her decision.


19 Minutes


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