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Aaliyah vs Viviane: Boots and Bare Feet

Super sexy Viviane is sunbathing topless by the pool when the vicious Aaliyah approaches and seemingly takes offence at the nudity. She quickly confronts the unsuspecting beauty and begins stomping both her feet and her bare breasts! After a few minutes of this, Aaliyah leaves Viviane hurting on her lounger and goes inside. Viviane takes a moment to gather herself and then follows after the brunette. For a couple minutes Viviane is in control but eventually the bigger, stronger, more experienced Aaliyah takes over. From there it’s pure domination. Aaliyah spends some time hurting the young beauty and then she simply stomps away, targeting her feet in particular but her entire, sexy body feels the soles of Aalliya’s boots.


21 Minutes


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