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Aaliyah vs Scarlett: Am I Big Enough Now

Aaliyah is back to her rough, foot stomping ways. This time it’s Scarlett who feels her wrath. Dressed in black leather and heavy boots, the vicious one is challenged by one of our new baes. Scarlett gives up a lot of size but she is scrappy, loves to fight, and doesn’t back down from anyone. The redhead goes right on the attack and for awhile it looks like she may pull the upset. Eventually Aaliyah is able to use her strength to turn the tide. From there she goes to work on the smaller model, using her boots to stomp away. Scarlett is subjected to all sorts of abuse as Aaliyah shows off her array of wrestling holds. The brunette also just bludgeons her helpless foe. Although Aaliyah hurts Scarlett all over, it is her feet that take the brunt of the beating as Aaliyah enjoys stomping her tiny feet. As Aaliyah triumphantly walks away, we are wondering if Scarlett will be able to do the same as she is writhing on the floor, grasping her feet.


21 Minutes


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