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Aaliyah vs Rose: Abs Attack


Aaliyah and Rose have a scheduled fight and Aaliyah arrives in a sexy bikini ready to go only to find Rose just chillin’ in tiny jean shorts and a small t-shirt. Rose informs Aaliyah that she isn’t going to fight because her abs are still hurting from her last fight. The fitness model should have known that kind of excuse will never fly with Aaliyah. The taller bae tells Rose that she doesn’t care and goes on the attack. Rose is overwhelmed and if she thought her aching abs were going to catch a break she was so wrong. In fact Aaliyah makes it a point to go after Rose’s washboard. The vicious one punches, claws, and stretches poor Rose’s stomach. She even delights in pulling up Rose’s shirt to admire the redness. Rose learns a painful lesson and if she needs her abs to be healthy, it may be a long time before we see her again.



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