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Aaliyah vs Natalia: You’re Breaking My Toes

We all know Aaliyah is know as “Vicious” and for good reason. One of those reasons is that she loves to put on boots and show up as other baes are tanning by the pool and proceed to stomp their feet and toes. We’re not talking about a scheduled fight or anything. The big brunette just loves to hurt other baes, to hear them scream and cry.

Here she targets Natalia who had been enjoying a nice pool day. After stomping her feet out on the concrete, Aaliyah throws the bikini model into the room. Natalia is no pushover and fights back, for a while turning the tide but as Aaliyah continues to go after her toes, Natalia is unable to fight back and is ruthlessly stomped. She pleads and cries. Telling the vicious one, “You’re breaking my toes!” Of course that doesn’t signal to Aaliyah that she should stop. Rather it only serves to encourage her to stomp more.


20 Minutes


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