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Aaliyah vs Kimmie: Chill at the Pool

Sexy model Kimmie Haze has come to the BaeFight Arena to fight but finds no one there. She figures it’s because everyone is scared of her so she decides to make the most of the day and relax and tan, to basically chill at the pool. Her peace is interrupted by the vicious Aaliyah who shows up in her trademark heavy boots. Kimmie is up for the challenge and invites the bigger bae inside but Aaliyah doesn’t have time for that and uses her boots to stomp the redhead’s toes. She continues stomping away before eventually moving inside. Kimmie show’s great heart and fights back but each time she seems to have the advantage, Aaliyah is able to go back to her hurting feet. In the end, Aaliyah just viciously stomps away, leaving the crying beauty unable to even stand. For all fans of feet and toe destruction as well as general beatdowns. This is the first time Kimmie has not left the Arena victorious and she has anything but a chill day at the pool.


21 Minutes


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