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Aaliyah vs Dalvina: I Should Go

It’s Queen Dalvina’s first match with us but she’s a bit nervous. Her best friend Nicole convinced her to join BaeFight, telling her it’ll be a lot of fun. Problem is Dalvina is much smaller than her fitness model friend and has never even been in a fight. When the petit bae realizes her first opponent is Aaliyah, she had second thoughts. She realizes she’s made a mistake and tries to leave. Of course we all know the vicious one isn’t going to let that happen. Things get worse for the newbie when Aaliyah realizes she is friends with Nicole, who has been calling Aaliyah out for months. What follows is Aaliyah at her vicious best, totally beating up her overmatched, unprepared, smaller foe. Sadly after this, we doubt we’ll see Dalvina back at the BaeFight Arena.


19 Minutes


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