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Aaliyah vs Dalvina: Can’t Feel My Ankle

We’re used to seeing the vicious Aaliyah attacking and stomping bae’s feet and toes but in this one, the target is Dalvina’s ankle. The sexy model begins telling Aaliyah that she’s unable to fight today because of an ankle injury suffered in a previous match. She’s wanting to reschedule and is certainly not dressed to fight, wearing a pink leather mini-skirt. Of course there is no way Aaliyah will let her just walk away. Aaliyah shows no mercy in going after Dalvina’s already injured ankle. She slaps on a number of ankle locks and stomps away. She even bites the screaming bae’s ankle. At the end, it doesn’t seem that poor Dalvina can even stand up. Just Aaliyah being her usual vicious self, much to Dalvina’s pain.


21 Minutes


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