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Aaliyah vs Aria Blake: It’s BaeFight Not BaeWrestle


The vicious Aaliyah is upset that she recently lost in a wrestling match to Aria. Vowing revenge, she shows up, dressed in her high boots as Aria is in the room, talking trash. Aaliyah attacks right away, saying “It’s BaeFight, not BaeWrestle. For the rest of this horribly one sided fight, Aaliyah goes about showing the blond wrestler just what a fight is. Aaliyah stretches, stomps, kicks, uses every piece of the room in cruel ways to punish the blond. Aaliyah even brings out a number of weapons to continue her torment of the pleading wrestler. At the end, Aria has learned that in a fight you cannot just give up and Aaliyah has one more notch in her vicious belt.



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