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Aaliyah vs Amber: Wake Up for Me

Amber is still relatively new at BaeFight but she’s gaining in confidence. But now it’s time for her to step up the competition and face Aaliyah. The perky blond says she isn’t scared but maybe she should’ve been. Right at the start, the larger brunette quickly KOs the cheerleader with a single punch. From there she delights in playing with her limp body, pulling her hair, twisting her face, even stripping her down to an amazingly sexy bikini. Aaliyah wakes her up and then knocks her out again. Over and over. Sometimes with a strike and other times with a choke, leaving the petit blond drooling like a baby. The normal vicious Aaliyah doesn’t do her normal stuff, hurting her opponent, rather has fun, playing with the helpless blond.


23  Minutes


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