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2 on 1 Stomp: Aaliyah & Tylee vs Mandy

Previously Aaliyah had stomped the blond beauty Mandy’s feet with her boots. Mandy later got a similar revenge. Now it is the vicious brunette who wants revenge. In this custom film, Aaliyah secures the help of super sexy Tylee Texas to get back at Mandy.
The two find her at the pool, wearing a sexy bikini, clearly not ready to fight. That plays right into the duo’s hands as they are both wearing heavy boots. After jerking a surprised Mandy up from her lounger, they proceed to destroy the blonde’s feet. While they use all sorts of torturous moves on the outnumbered bae, it is their boots that do the most damage as they stomp away, ignoring and even laughing at their victim’s cries. Finally satisfied, they leave Mandy in a sorry state, on the floor, holding her poor toes.



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